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All about the little red hen.

Start of Story

But when the Wicked Old Fox woke up,
It was getting dark and late.
He shouldered the sack, and found it now
A most remarkable weight.

"Dear me!" he said, "she weighs like a goose!
I thought she'd be light as a wren;
What a splendid supper we'll have to-night
Off the Little Small Red Hen!"

So heavily, wearily trudged he home,
And kept shifting the sack about;
And when at last he came to his door,
There was old Mother Fox looking out.

She said to him, "You look tired, my dear,"
And he answered, "Ah, she's caught!"
And he puffed and licked his lips and said
"She's twice as fat as I thought!"

He asked, "My love, is the pot on the boil?"
"It's boiling fast," she replied.
He said, "Then take the lid off, my dear,
And we'll pop her plump inside!"

So Old Mother Fox took off the lid,
Hot and steaming and black,
While the Wicked Old Fox, with hurry and haste,
Untied the mouth of the sack.


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