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All about the little red hen.

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And--SPLASH! went in the great big stone,
It _was_ a splash! my word!
I don't suppose a splash so loud
Has ever before been heard.

The bees and birds and bunnies all,
Who had gone to bed for the night,
For miles around, woke up with a jump
In a most tremendous fright.

And the boiling water in the pot
Splashed out on every side,
And terribly scalded the Wicked Old Fox,
And Old Mother Fox, and they died.

There they lay, all still and stark,
Up in the house on the hill;
There they lay, and, for all I know,
There they are lying still.

But the Hen lived happily, just as before,
In her dear little house by the wood,
Walking picketty-pecketty,
Working as hard as she could.

"I've had a great many troubles!
I hope they won't happen again;
Anything for a quiet life!"
Said the Little Small Red Hen.

The End.


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