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All about the little red hen.

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Once upon a time,
Though I can't say exactly when,
There lived, away in the country,
A Little Small Red Hen. She wore a nice little apron,
And a little sunbonnet too,
And she walked picketty pecketty,
As little Hens always do. She had lived the whole of her little life,
In the same little house; it stood
All by itself, in a lonely spot,
Just at the edge of a wood. It was very snug and cosy and warm,
And the garden wasn't big,
But just what a Little Small Red Hen
Could nicely manage to dig. And once upon a time--
Just the same time, of course,
There also lived a Wicked Old Fox
Among the heath and gorse. Silently, slyly, he crept round the fields,
Stealing geese and ducks and cocks,
Dressed in a hat and long great coat,
This wicked, cunning old Fox.


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