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All about the little red hen.

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So he put on his cap and shouldered a sack,
And walked very sly and slow;
And after a while he came in sight
Of the snug little house below.

And he laid the sack very softly down
On the ground behind a tree,
And then lay down to wait and watch,
As quiet as quiet could be.

He was getting tired of waiting there,
When the house-door opened wide,
And the Little Small Red Hen came forth
To gather sticks outside;

Walking picketty-pecketty,
Exceedingly neat and prim;
And the Wicked Old Fox lay watching;
She never once thought of him!

While she was picking up the sticks
He slipped behind the door,
And laughed "Ho! Ho!" to himself, very low,
As he put the sack on the floor.

He stood there, hiding and chuckling,
And peeping through the crack,
And he saw the Little Small Red Hen,
In a minute or two, come back.


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