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All about the little red hen.

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The Little Small Red Hen, indeed,
Was also very glad
To rest a bit from the jogs and jolts'
And the bangs and bumps she'd had.

And she thought, "If I cut a little hole,
Why not a big one too?"
And she cut a slit that was long enough
To let her whole self through!

Wasn't she pleased to be free again!
She said, "I must run double-quick;
But before I go I'll manage to play,
The Wicked Old Fox a trick."

And she took a great big knobby stone,
As large as a lump of coal,
And heaved and pushed, and pushed and heaved,
'Till she got it through the hole.

And then she scuttled panting home
As fast as her legs would go,
Not walking picketty-pecketty
This time,--oh dear no!

She scuttered and fluttered down the hill,
And scampered through her door.
"Thank goodness!" she said, all out of breath,
"I'm safe at home once more!"


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