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First Apple Pie.

by Laughing Seagull.
Age Rating All ages.

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Once upon a time
It was a long long time ago
Before there was your mum and dad and you and I, you know
Of course There were no people,
No houses,roads or shops
No toys or schools or tv, no phones or lollipops.

It was in this time way back
when The earth was only new
And roaming all across the land were dinosaurs … knew?
Stegosaurs, and brontosaurs, compys to name but a few
Looking for a place to live and food to munch on too

Now there was a great big apple tree
Its branches laid with fruit
About 200 apples there
to tell the rightful truth
But a great big wind came rushing by
And whisked them all away
Well except for agreat big juicy one that begged the wind to stay.

So the apple sat upon the tree
As apples often do
Waiting for something to happen
Something old or something New.
When a dinosaur came plodding by
a stego I think it was
And bumped into the tree
cos he was kind of sort of lost.

He looked straight up and saw the apple high up upon that tree
Aha he said
no ones around
that apples just for me
But the earth it shook
and moving clouds,a brontosaur tramped by
Whats up he said to stegosaur
Why do you look up high.

Now,two dinos saw the apple
and decided they must share
When along came a young triceratops or two
yes I think it was a pair
They too did see the apple and tummies began to rumble
But how to get the fruit down said stego in a grumble.

Well they shook the tree And thumped the tree
as dinos often do
But the apple it just would not move and what should dinos do
Til came along an allosaur
Don't worry , he was a friendly one
And when his friends pointed out the problem
he knew why they were wrong.

Don't thump the tree don't shake it
Don't go jumping up and down
Even the strongest wind cant move it
Me thinks it don't want to come down.
So we must go and reach it
Lets all stand one on one
And all his dino friends agreed
I think he's got a plan.

So stego climbed up brontos neck
And on top stood triceratops and his brother
And compy stood on top of them
A great big dino ladder
But though they reached way in the sky
And focused very deep
They where still slightly out of reach
bronto sneezed….a dino heap

But suddenly the earth shook more
A t rex on the prowl
He saw what they where up to
And gave a mighty growl
I am the king of dinos and that apple there is mine
And he crashed so hard into the tree
Saying Me thinks its time to dine

Down came the fruit from off the tree
And as it began to fall
dinos pushed each other
it really was a brawl
The apple kept on falling and went splat upon the ground
A great big mushy mess and not the apple they had found.

Oh great the stego said
Now we've just got apple mush
How do we share that fruity mess its such a slushy slush
Then a great big ape came swinging by
And he surely did have brains
Lets make it bake it share it
Before the coming rains.

So they gathered up some wheat nearby
To make the very firstest flour
And they made a little dough
squeezed apple mush in with power
They whistled for a dragon who cooked it quick with fire
And so came the worlds first apple pie cooked by dragon fire

The dinos did this very thing
They sliced the apple pie
Sharing carreing dinos
With the pips in t rex's eye!
And afterwards they licked their lips
And carved the recipe on stone
Just so , many many years afterwards
Your mum cooks them at home


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