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Age Rating 8 Plus.

Little rabbits.

From The Book of Stories for the Storyteller by Fanny E. Coe.

Start of Story

"Honey," said Uncle Remus to the little boy, "why don' you git some flesh on yo' bones? If I wuz ole Brer Wolf en you wuz a young rabbit, I wouldn't git hongry 'nuff fer ter eat you, caze you's too bony." "Did Brother Wolf want to eat the young rabbit, Uncle Remus?" inquired the little boy. "Ain't I done tole you 'bout dat, honey? Des run over in yo' min' en see ef I ain't." The youngster shook his head. "Well," said Uncle Remus, "ole Brer Wolf want ter eat de little Rabs all de time, but dey wuz one time in 'tickeler dat dey make his mouf water, en dat wuz de time when him en Brer Fox wuz visitin' at Brer Rabbit's house. De times wuz hard, but de little Rabs wuz slick and fat, en des ez frisky ez kittens. Ole Brer Rabbit wuz off som'ers, en Brer Wolf en Brer Fox wuz waitin' fer 'im. De little Rabs wuz playin' 'roun', en dough dey wuz little dey kep' der years open. Brer Wolf look at um out'n de cornder uv his eyes, en lick his chops en wink at Brer Fox, en Brer Fox wunk back at 'im. Brer Wolf cross his legs, en den Brer Fox cross his'n. De little Rabs, dey frisk en dey frolic.

"Brer Wolf ho'd his head to'rds um en 'low, 'Dey er mighty fat.' "Brer Fox grin, en say, 'Man, hush yo' mouf!' "De little Rabs frisk en dey frolic, en play furder off, but dey keep der years primed. "Brer Wolf look at um en 'low, 'Ain't dey slick en purty?' "Brer Fox chuckle, en say, 'Oh, I wish you'd hush!' "De little Rabs play off furder en furder, but dey keep der years open. "Brer Wolf smack his mouf, en 'low, 'Dey er joosy en tender.' "Brer Fox roll his eye en say, 'Man, ain't you gwine ter hush up, 'fo' you gi' me de fidgets?' "Der little Rabs dey frisk en dey frolic, but dey hear ev'ything dat pass. "Brer Wolf lick out his tongue quick, en 'low, 'Less us whirl in en eat um.' "Brer Fox say, 'Man, you make me hongry! Please hush up!' "De little Rabs play off furder en furder, but dey know 'zackly what gwine on. Dey frisk en dey frolic, but dey got der years wide open.

"Den Brer Wolf make a bargain wid Brer Fox dat when Brer Rabbit git home, one un um ud git 'im wropped up in a 'spute 'bout fust one thing en den anudder, whiles tudder one ud go out en ketch de little Rabs. "Brer Fox 'low, 'You better do de talkin', Brer Wolf, en lemme coax de little Rabs off. I got mo' winning ways wid chilluns dan what you is.' "Brer Wolf say, 'You can't make gourd out'n punkin, Brer Fox. I ain't no talker. Yo' tongue lots slicker dan mine. I kin bite lots better'n I kin talk. Dem little Rabs don't want no coaxin'; dey wants ketchin'--dat what dey wants. You keep ole Brer Rabbit busy, en I'll ten' der de little Rabs.' "Bofe un um know'd dat whichever cotch de little Rabs, de tudder one ain't gwine smell hide ner hair un um, en dey flew up en got ter 'sputin', en whiles dey wuz 'sputin', en gwine on dat way, de little Rabs put off down de road--_blickety-blickety_,--fer ter meet der daddy. Kase dey know'd ef dey stayed dar dey'd git in big trouble.


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