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Manibozho is changed

into a wolf.

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"Take that, Manabozho," said the Old Wolf. "Why, what will I do with a dirty dog skin?" The Old Wolf took it up; it was a beautiful robe. "Oh, I will carry it now," cried Manabozho. "Oh, no," said the Wolf, who had used his magical powers, "it is a robe of pearls. Come along!" And away he sped at a great rate of speed. "Not so fast," called Manabozho after him; and then he added to himself as he panted after, "Oh, this tail!" Coming to a place where the moose had lain down, they saw that the young wolves had made a fresh start after their prey. "'Why," said the Old Wolf, "this moose is thin. I know by the tracks. I can always tell whether they are fat or not." A little farther on, one of the young wolves, in dashing at the moose, had broken a tooth on a tree.

"Manabozho," said the Old Wolf, "one of your grandchildren has shot at the game. Take his arrow; there it is." "No," replied Manabozho, "what will I do with a dirty dog's tooth?" The Old Wolf took it up, and behold it was a beautiful silver arrow. When they at last overtook them, they found that the youngsters had killed a very fat moose. Manabozho was very hungry, but the Old Wolf just then again exerted his magical powers, and Manabozho saw nothing but the bones picked quite clean. He thought to himself, "Just as I expected; dirty, greedy fellows. If it had not been for this log at my back I should have been in time to have got a mouthful"; and he cursed the bushy tail which he carried to the bottom of his heart. The Old Wolf finally called out to one of the young ones, "Give some meat to your grandfather."

One of them obeyed, and coming near to Manabozho he presented him the end of his own bushy tail, which was now nicely seasoned with burs gathered in the course of the hunt. Manabozho jumped up and called out: "You dog, do you think I am going to eat you?" And he walked off in anger. "Come back brother," cried the Wolf. "You are losing your eyes. You do the child injustice. Look there I" and behold a heap of fresh meat was lying on the spot, all prepared. Manabozho turned back, and at the sight of so much good food put on a smiling face. "Wonderful!" he said, "how fine the meat is !" "Yes," replied the Old Wolf, "it is always so with us; we know our work and always get the best. It is not a long tail that makes the hunter." Manabozho bit his lip.


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