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The Queen gave him a squeeze, and, kissing him again on his forehead, said, 'Because you are the eldest brother, which is what being King really means. * You understand, darling? God has given you everything in order that your younger brothers should want for nothing.' 'I never knew this before,' said Bubi, shaking his head, and, without thinking any more about his present, he began to say his prayers, as he did every morning; and, as he prayed, it seemed to him that all the poor little boys in the kingdom came round him with their hands clasped, and that he, the eldest brother, spoke for them all when he prayed 'Our Father which art in Heaven.'

King Bubi grew up to be a great ruler. * He always asked God's help in all he did, and returned thanks for his happiness, ever saying, speaking for all his subjects, poor and rich, good and bad, 'Our Father which art in Heaven'; and when he died, a very old man, and his good soul arrived at the gates of Heaven, he knelt down and prayed as usual, 'Our Father.' And, as he prayed, the gates were opened wide by thousands of poor little children to whom he had been King, that is to say, eldest brother here on earth.


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