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Pussy cat mew.

Start of Story

Then Pussy-cat Mew saw before her a tree,
And knew that a safe place of refuge 't would be;
So far up the tree with a bound she did go,
And left the big dog to growl down below.

But now, by good fortune, a man came that way,
And called to the dog, who was forced to obey;
But Puss did not come down the tree till she knew
That the man and the dog were far out of view.

Pursuing her way, at nightfall she came
To London, a town you know well by name;
And wandering 'round in byway and street,
A strange Pussy-cat she happened to meet.

"Good evening," said Pussy-cat Mew. "Can you tell
In which of these houses the Queen may now dwell?
I 'm a stranger in town, and I 'm anxious to see
What sort of a person a real Queen may be."

"My friend," said the other, "you really must know
It is n't permitted that strangers should go
Inside of the palace, unless they 're invited,
And stray Pussy-cats are apt to be slighted.

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