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Pussy cat mew.

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So bristling her fur, and with heart beating fast,
She came to the road leading homeward at last. "
What business," she thought, "has a poor country cat
To visit a city of madmen like that?

"Straight homeward I 'll go, where I am well fed,
Where mistress is kind, and soft is my bed;
Let other cats travel, if they wish to roam,
But as for myself, I shall now stay at home."

And now over hills and valleys she ran,
And journeyed as fast as a Pussy-cat can;
Till just as the dawn of the day did begin
She, safely at home, stole quietly in.

And there was the fire, with the pot boiling on it,
And there was the maid, in the blue checkered bonnet
And there was the corner where Pussy oft basked,
And there was the mistress, who eagerly asked:

"Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat, where have you been?"
"I 've been to London, to visit the Queen."
"Pussy-cat, Pussy-cat, what did you there?" "
I frightened a little mouse under her chair!"

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