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Robinson Crusoe

Written anew for children
By james Baldwin

Start of Story

Chapter 13
I find a great store of things.

THE next day I went to the ship again. This I kept up for more than a week Every day I brought a load of things to the shore. At last there was nothing left that one pair of hands could lift. But I do believe that if the fine days had held out, I would have brought away the whole ship. You ask how I would have done that? I would have cut it into pieces and brought one piece at a time. The last thing that I found was a secret drawer in the cabin. In that drawer there was some money. A part of this money was in gold pieces-"pieces of eight," we called them. The rest was in silver. I smiled to myself when I saw this money. "O useless stuff!" I cried. '"What are you good for now? You are not worth picking up. This little old knife is worth much more. I have no manner of use for you. Lie there, where you are, and go to the bottom."

I was about to leave the cabin when I looked around again. The bright pieces were so pretty that I could not bear to leave them. So I put them all in a strong bag and tied it around my waist like a belt. "It will not do to throw good money away," I said. When I went up on deck the wind was blowing hard. Dark clouds were beginning to cover the sky. The waves were rolling high. A storm was coming. I saw that it was time for me to hurry back to the shore. I let myself down into the water and began to swim. The sea was rough. The money was heavy. It was all I could do to reach the land. I hastened home to my little tent. The storm had already begun

chapter 14
Chapter 14
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