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Robinson Crusoe.

Chapter 21 continued

I sow some grain.

Start of Story

One day, as soon as the wet season was at an end, I made a visit to the country to see how my crops were growing. There I saw something that surprised me. You will remember the fence that I built around my summer house, or bower as I called it. It was made of two rows of tall stakes, with brush between. Well, I now found that the stakes were still green, and that long shoots or twigs were growing [63] from them. Some of these branches were already two or three feet long. This pleased me very much. I cut and trained the growing branches into just such shapes as I wished. They grew very fast, and soon the whole fence was covered with green leaves. Then I trained the long branches toward the top of a pole which I set up in the center of my bower.

In a few months the whole inclosure was covered with a green roof. You cannot think how beautiful it was. The place was shady and cool, the pleasantest spot one could wish to have. I did not know what kind of tree it was that grew in this wonderful way. But I cut some more stakes of the same sort and carried them home to my castle. I set these stakes in a double row, about twenty inches outside of my first wall. In a few weeks they began to grow. They grew so fast that in two years they covered the whole space in front of my castle. They were not only handsome to look at, but they helped to protect my castle.

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