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Robinson Crusoe.

Chapter 22

I make a long journey.

Start of Story

I HAD long wished to see the whole of my island. So, one fine morning, I set out to travel across to the other side of it. Of course I carried my gun with me. In my belt was my best hatchet. In my pouch I had plenty of powder and shot. In my pocket were two biscuits and a big bunch of raisins. My dog followed behind me. I went past my summer house, or bower, and toward evening came to a fine open place close by the sea. It was a beautiful sight. The sky was clear, the air was still. The smooth waters stretched away and away toward the setting sun. Far in the distance I could see land. I could not tell whether it was an island or some part of the mainland of America. It was at least fifty miles away.

If it were the mainland, I felt quite sure that I would at some time or other see a ship sailing hither to it or from it. If it were an island, there might be savages on it whom it would not be safe for me to meet. But it would do no good to worry my mind about such matters. I found this side of the island much more beautiful than that where my castle was. Here were large, open fields, green with grass and sweet with flowers. Here, too, were fine woods, with many strange trees and vines. I saw many green parrots among the trees, and I thought how I would catch one and teach it to talk. After a great deal of trouble I knocked a young one down with my stick. He was a good fighter, and it was no easy matter to get him. But at last I picked him up and put him in my bag. He was not hurt, and I carried him home.

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chapter 22 continued
Chapter 22 continued
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