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Robinson Crusoe.

Chapter 22 continued

I make a long journey.

Start of Story

It was a long time before I could make him talk. But at last he became a great pet and would call me by my name. I shall have a funny story to tell about him after a while. Besides parrots there were many other birds in the woods. Some of these were of kinds that I had never seen before. In the low grounds I saw some animals that looked like rabbits. There were others that I took [66] to be foxes, but they were not such foxes as we have in England. I traveled very slowly around the island, for I wished to see everything. Often I did not go more than two miles in a day. At night I sometimes slept in a tree, while my dog watched below me.. Sometimes I shut myself up in a little pen made by driving tall stakes into the ground. I felt quite safe, for nothing could come near me without waking me.

Along the seashore there were thousands of turtles and a great plenty of waterfowl. I had no trouble to find all the food I needed. Sometimes I had a roast pigeon for dinner, sometimes the juicy meat of a turtle, sometimes that of a goat. No king could have fared better. One day my dog caught a young kid. I ran and got hold of it, and would not let him hurt it. I had a great mind to take it home with me. So I made a collar for it, and led it along by a string which I had in my pocket. It was quite wild and did not lead well. It gave me so much trouble that I took it to my summer house and left it there. I then went home to my castle.

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