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Robinson Crusoe

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Chapter 9
I make me a raft.

There was a great deal of water in the ships hold. But the cabin and the store rooms were dry. The boxes of food had not been touched by the water. I was very hungry but I had had no time to lose. So I filled my pockets with dry biscuits and ate them as I went about. There were many things on the ship and they might be very useful to me if I had them on shore. But there was no boat and how could I carry them there. Then I began to look around for clothing and there was plenty enough to do for many a day. O.K. great I'll make me a raft I said to myself. There were several long pieces of timber on the deck. I tied a rope to each of these so that it would not float away. Then I dropped them one by one over the ships side. After this I slide down my rope into the water and tied my timbers together.

They formed a framework that was strong and would not sink. On top of this framework I laid all the boards I could find. I now had a very good raft and it was large enough to carry many things. All the time I was building it I was planning how to load it. In the cabin there 3 strong boxes such as which sailors use, these I emptied. Then I carried them out and let them down upon my raft. Of all the things on board, I would need food the most so I filled the first chest with bread, rice cheese and a few pieces of meat. I found also a bag of grain of which I took great care because it was barley. Then I began to look around for clothes of which I found enough to do for many a day. While I was getting these things together, I happened to see the carpenter's chest. It was full of tools. It was hard work to get it on the raft. I lifted and pulled, I pulled and lifted and at last I had it alongside the other boxes. How tired I was.

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