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Robinson Crusoe see and hear

Chapter 14

I build me a castle

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I LAY down on my bed, with my money and other precious things close at hand. All night long the wind blew and the rain poured. Early in the morning I arose and looked out toward the sea. The waves were rolling very high. The ship was gone. The sea had swallowed it up. As I could make no more visits to the ship, I now began to think of other things. I was still afraid lest there were savage beasts on the island. Savage men, too, might come that way. If any of these should find me how could I protect myself from them? I must have a stronger house to live in. I must build me a little fort or castle. [42] The place I was in was flat and wet. My tent was on open ground and could be plainly seen from a distance. There was no fresh water near it. I must find a better place than this for my castle.

A little way from the shore there was a rocky hill. I went to look at it. Halfway up the hill there was a large level place, with a great rock rising behind it like the side of a house. I climbed up to the level place. There was but one way to go, and that was by a steep and winding path. I found the place much larger than I thought. It was more than a hundred yards long and almost half as broad. It was, indeed, a green field, or plain, with steep cliff rising up behind it. You must think of it as a great shelf half way up the side of the hill. "Here," I said to myself, "is the place for my castle."

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chapter 14 continued
Chapter 14 continued
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