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This story is suitable for children age 6 to 8 approx.

Sleepy John
a story from the Czech Republic

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Once there was a lad named John, and he used to go to sleep always and everywhere. One day he came to an inn where some farmers were feeding their horses. So he crept into the cart, lay down on the floor and went to sleep. When the farmers had driven some distance, they noticed John asleep in the cart. They thought, "What are we to do with him." "We have a beer cask here; we'll put him in it and leave him in the forest." So they shut him in the cask and off they drove. John went on sleeping in the cask for a long time. John went on sleeping for a long time. Suddenly he woke up and found himself sleeping in the cask but he did not know how he had got into it, neither did he know where he was.

There was something running to and fro near the cask, so he looked through the bung hole and saw a number of wolves gathered under the rocks. They had flocked round attracted by the human smell. One of the wolves pushed his tail through the hole, and sleepy John began to think that the hour of his death was approaching, but he wound the wolf's tail around his hand. The wolf was terrified and began dragging the cask after him. He ran after the rest of the wolves who ran off in all directions. Their terror grew greater and greater as the cask bumped after them. At last the cask struck against a rock and was smashed. Sleepy John let go of the wolf and made off as fast as he could.


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