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Two at twilight for ages 2 to 4.

2 stories.
With a little music in between.

Start of Story

All about the little red hen.
Benjamin and harry play ball.
Choice 1

Benjamin and Harry play ball.
The three pigs.
Choice 2
Billy goats gruff.
The dove and the ant.
Choice 3
Daniel and the lions.
Choice 4
Puss in boots.
Cock and the red hen.
Choice 5
The straw the coal and the bean.
Domingos cat.
Choice 6
The glowworm and the jackdaw.
Flower fairies.
Choice 7
Choice 8
Old mother hubbard.
Old Sultan.
Choice 9
Queen bee.
Choice 10
To lose an elephant.
The princess and the pea.
Choice 11
Henny Penny.
The squirrel and the spider.
Choice 12
The frog prince.
The gingerbread man.
Choice 13
The half chick.
The four dragons.
Choice 14
The little milk maid.
The shepherds boy.
Choice 15
The kind hawk.
The four dragons.
Choice 16

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