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stray cat.

by Rory Halligan.age 7
Age Rating 6 to 8.

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Once upon a time there was a cat called Tiger. Tiger loved exploring the house he lived in. he lived in a mansion, so there was always something new to explore.tiger tiger liked cats, but he did'nt like dogs. One day he was in the kitchen and he knocked over a glass cup and broke it. Then the owner of the house came in and said, "tiger, out at once". But tiger didn't listen. So the owner of the house grabbed tiger and threw him out the window. Tiger ran away, far,far away from home and never came back. Then it started to rain and tiger ran into a blown down bin and slept there. In the morning tiger came out of the bin. Then he said "I will start a journey". So tiger went to other houses and stayed at every house for one night. Tiger ate rats and mice and birds. His favourite food was birds because he loved chasing the feathers. Tiger loved the great outdoors and stuff like that. His hobbies are playing,eating,climbing and running. One day tiger was out exploring and he saw a tom cat. Tiger ran at the tom cat and jumped on him. They started fighting. Tiger scrapped and scrapped and scrapped at the tom cats face but the tom cat scrapped him back. Then quick as a flash the tom cat jumped on tiger and hurt him bad. Tiger was filled with anger and scrapped the tom cat so hard that the tom cat ran away. Tiger was safe that day and he became braver after every battle he was in. tiger became a stray cat and lived a long life, until one day he was killed by a dog. But tigers time had to come and he went to heaven.

The end
Written by rory halligan age 7


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