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A Story for children age 4 to 6.

The Beggar and

The Miser

Asian Folktale

An old beggar passed through an old village. He knocked on the door of a big beautiful house, with a tall barn and a large iron padlock on the gate. In this house lived a man, known in the village for his miserliness : he never helped people, even though he was very rich. 'Please give me some meat or milk?' - asked the beggar. The miser replied roughly: 'No, I can't! Go away!' 'Maybe you can give me some wheat or beans?' - kept asking the beggar, forced by hunger to humiliate himself. 'I don't have anything!' - said the miser. 'Then give me a piece of bread, and I will be grateful.' - said the beggar. 'Go away, I don't have bread!' - was the miser's reply. 'At least give me some water? I'm very thirsty!' 'I don't have water.' - screamed the miser. Then said the beggar : 'Oh, my son, why are you sitting here then? Stand up and start begging food from the good people. You are even poorer than I am!

The end.


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