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The Boy and the Wolves

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Part 2

But he would not listen and making no reply, he took his bow and arrows and left the hut. The snows fell and melted, yet he never returned. And at last the heart of the girl grew cold and hard and her little boy became a burden in her eyes, until one day she spoke thus to him:
see there is food enough h for many days to come, stay here within the shelter of the hut. I go to seek our brother, and when I have found him, I shall return hither. But when after hard journeying, she reached the village where her brother dwelt, and saw that he had a wife and was happy, and that she too was sought by a brave, then she too forgot the boy that was alone in the forest and thought only of her husband.

Now as soon as the little boy had eaten all the food which his sister had left him , he went out into the woods, and dug up berries and roots. While the sun shone, he was contented and had his fill . but when the snows began and the wind howled, then his stomach felt empty and his limbs cold and he hid in the trees all the night, and only crept out to eat what the wolves had left behind . by and by, having no other friends, he sought their company and sat by while they devoured their prey and they grew to know him and they gave him food, and without them he would have died in the snow. But at last the snows melted, and the ice upon the Great Lake, and as the wolves went down to the shore, the boy went after them.


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Part 3