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The boy who drew cats.

Start of Story

all at once he remembered, that at the next village, 12 miles away there was a very big temple. He had heard that there were several priests at that temple and made up his mind to go to them and ask them to take him for their accolite. Now that big temple was closed up but the boy did not know this fact. The reason it had been closed up was that a goblin had frightened the priests away and had taken possession of the place. Some brave warriors had afterwards gone to the temple at night to kill the goblin, but they had never been seen alive again. Nobody had ever told these things to the boy so he walked all the way to the village, hopeing to be kindly treated by the priests.

When he got to the village it was already dark. All the people were in bed, but, he saw the temple on a hill on the other end of the princilal street and he saw that there was a light in the temple. People who tell the story said that the goblin used to make that light in order to tempt lonely travelers to ask for shelter. The boy went at once to the temple and knocked. There was no sound inside. He knocked and knocked again, but still nobody came. At last he pushed gently at the door and was glad to find that it had not been fastened. So he went in and saw a lamp burning, but no priests. He thought that some priests would be sure to come very soon and he sat down and waited.

Then he noticed that everything in the temple was grey with dust and thickly spun over with cobwebs, so he thought to himself, that the priests would certainly like to have an accolite to keep the place clean. He wondered why they had allowed the place to get so dusty. What most pleased him however was some big white screens, good to paint cats upon. Though he was tired he looked at once for a writing box and found one and ground some ink. And began to paint cats. He painted a great many cats upon the screen and then he began to feel very very sleepy.


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