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The Child of the Evening Star

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Lying there and looking up into the sky he could see the tents descending too. Down it softly drifted, until in turn, it sank upon the island, and in it were his father and mother. Osseo and Oweenee, returned to earth, once more to live among men and women to teach them How to live. For they had learned many things in their life upon the evening star and the children of earth would be better for the knowledge. They stood there, hand in hand, all the enchanted birds came fluttering after, falling and fluttering through the air, and as each one touched the earth, it was no longer a bird they saw a human being. A human being, but not quite as before. For they were only dwarves, little people, or pygmies as the Indians call them . happy little they became, seen only by a few. Fishermen they say, would sometimes get a glimpse of them, dancing in the light of the evening star on a summer night, on the sandy level beach of the Great Lake.


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