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The Child of the Evening Star

Start of Story

Higher and higher it rose, then the 9 proud sisters and their husbands were all changed into birds. The men became robins, thrushs and woodpeckers , the sisters were changed into various birds with bright plumage. The 4 who had chattered most, whose tongues were always wagging now appreared in the feathers of the magpie and the bluejay. Osseo gazeing at Oweenee. Would she too change into a bird and be lost to him? The very thought of it made him bow his head with grief. Then as he looked at her once more, he saw her beauty suddenly restored, while the colours of her garments was the colours to be found where the dyes of the rainbow are made. Again the tent swayed and trembled, as the currents of the air bore it higher and higher, into and above the clouds, up, up, up until at last it settled gently on the lands of the evening star.

Osseo and Oweenee caught all the birds and put them in a great silver cage, where they seemded quite content in each others company. Scarcely was this done, than Osseos father, the king of the evening star, came to greet them. He was attired in a flowing robe spun from stardust and his long white hair hung like a cloud upon his shoulders.
welcome. He said, my dear children.
welcome to the kingdom in the sky that has always awaited you.
The trials you have passed have been bitter, but you have borne them bravely
Now you will be rewarded for all your courage and devotion.
Here you wil live happily, yet of one thing you must beware
He pointed to a little star in the distance, a little winking star, hidden from time to time by a cloud of vapour.


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