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The Child of the Evening Star

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On that star, he continued, lives a magician called Wabayno. He has the power to dart his rays like so many arrows at those he wishes to injure.he has always been my enemy, it was he who changed Osseo into an old man and cast him down upon the earth. Have a care that his light does not fall upon you. Luckily his power for evil has been greatly weakened for the friendly clouds have come to my assistance, to form a screen of vapour through which his arrows cannot penetrate. The happy pair fell upon their knees and kissed his hands in gratitude. But these birds,said Osseo, rising and pointing to the cage . is this also the work of wabayno the magician . no, answered the king of the evening star. It was my own power. The power of love that caused your tent to rise and bear you thither. It was likewise my power that the envious sisters and their husbands were transformed into birds, because they hated you, and mocked you and were cruel and scornful to the weak and old I have done this is not so great a punishment as they deserve.

Here in their silver cage they will be happy enough. Proud of their handsome plumage, strutting and twittering to their hearts content.hang the cage there, at the doorway of my dwelling, they shall be well cared for. Thus it was that Osseo and Oweenee came to live in the kingdom of the evening star and as the years passed by, the little winking star, wher Wabeno lived, grew pale and paler and dim and dimmer, until it quite lost its power to harm. Meanwhile, a little son had come to make their happiness more perfect. A charming boy with the dark and dreamy eyes of his mother and the strength and courage of Osseo. It was a wonderful place for a little boy to live, close to the stars and the moon, and the sky so close that it seemed a kind of curtain for his bed, and all the glory of the heavens spread out before him.


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