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A Story for children age 4 to 6.

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Once upon a time on the shores of the great lake gitchigoomi there lived a hunter who had ten beautiful young daughters. Their hair was dark and glossy as the wings of a blackbird, and when they walked or ran it was with the grace and freedom of the deer in the forest. Thus it was that many suitors came to court them, brave and handsome young men, straight as arrows, fleet of foot who travelled from sun to sun without fatigue. They were sons of the prairie, wonderful horsemen who could ride at breakneck speed without saddle or stirrup. They could catch a wild horse with a noose, tame him in a magical way by breathing into his nostrils and mount him and gallop off as if he had always been ridden. There were those who came from afar in canoes across the waters of the Great Lake. Canoes that surged swiftly along urged by the strong silent sweep of the paddle. All of them brought presents with which they hoped to gain the fathers favour. Feathers from the wing of the eagle who soars high up near the sun.fur of the fox and the beaver and the thick curly hair of the bison. Beads of many colours and wampum, the shells which the Indians used for money. The quills of the porcupine and the claws of the grizzly bear. Deer skins dressed to such a softness that it crumpled up in the hands, those and many other things they brought.

One by one the daughters were wooed and married, until 9 of them had chosen husbands. One by one other tents were reared, so that instead of the single family lodge on the shores of the lake there were tents enough to form a little village, for the country was a rich one and there was game and fish for all. There remained the youngest daughter, Oweenee, the fairest of them all.Gentle as she was proud, none was so kind of heart.Unlike her proud and talkative elder sisters, Oweenee was shy and modest and spoke but little .She loved to wander alone in the woods with no company but for the birds and squirrels and her own thoughts.What these thoughts. were we can only guess from her dreamy eyes and her sweet expression. One could but suppose that nothing selfish or mean or hateful ever came into her mind.


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