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The Child of the Evening Star see and hear part x

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out all the birds. Round and round they flew, and now he was half sorry and a little afraid as well. If the birds flew back to earth and left him there, what would his grandfather say.
Come back, come back, he called.
but the birds only flew around him in circles and they paid no attention to him. At any moment they might be winging their way to the earth.
Come back, come back, I tell you, he cried, stamping his foot and waving his little bow.
come back I say or I will shoot you .
then as they would not obey him, he fitted an arrow to his bow and let it fly. So well did he aim that the arrow sped through the plumage of a bird and the feathers fell all around.

The bird itself, a little stunned but not much hurt, fell down and a tiny trickle of blood stained the ground where it lay. But, it was no longer a bird with an arrow in its wing. Instead, there stood in its place, a beautiful young woman. Now no one who lives in the stars is ever permitted to shed blood, whether it be that of man, beast or bird, so when the few drops fell upon the evening star, everything was changed. The boy suddenly found himself sinking slowly downwards, held up by invisible hands, yet, sinking closer and closer to the earth. Soon he would see its green hills and its swans floating on the water, til at last he rested on a grassy island in a grey plain.


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