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Yet Oweenee, modest though she was had a spirit of her ownm more than one suitor had found this out. More than one conceited young man, confident that he could win her, wnet away crestfallen when Oweenee began to laugh at them.The truth is Oweenee seemed hard to please. Suitor after suitor came, handsome, tall young men, the handsomest and bravest in all the country roun, yet this fawn eyed maiden would have none of them.One was too tall, another too short, one was too thin, another too fat, at least that was the excuse she gave for sending them away. Her proud sisters had little patience with her. It seemed to be a questioning of their own tastes, for, Oweenee, had she gave the word, might have gained a husband more attractive than any of theirs.Yet no one was good enough.They could not understand they ended by despising her as a silly and unreasonable girl.

Her father too wished her to be happy was much puzzle. "tell me my daughter", he said one day, is it your wish never to marry." "The handsomest young men in the land have sought you in marrigage and you have sent them all away, often with a poor excuse." "why is it?" Oweenee looked at him with her large dark eyes. "father, she said, it is not that I am wilful, but it is somehow that I have the power to look into the hearts of men ." "it is the heart of a man and not his face that really matters, and I have not yet found one youth who in this sense is really beautiful." Soon afterward a strange thing happened. There came into the village an Indian named Osseo many years older than Oweenee. He was poor and ugly too, yet Oweenee married him.


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Part 3