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The Child of the Evening Star see and hear

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How the tongues of her 9 proud sisters did wag. Had the spoiled little thing lost her mind they asked? Oh, well, they had always known that she would come to a bad end but it was pretty hard on the family. Of course they could not know what Oweenee had seen at once.Osseo had a generous nature and a heart of gold that beneath his outward ugliness was the beauty of a noble mind and the fire passion of a poet. That is wy Oweenee loved him. Knowing too that he needed her care, she loved him all the more. Now, though Oweenee did not expect it, Osseo was really a beautiful youth upon whom an evil spell had been cast. He was in truth, the son of the king of the evening star, that evening star that shines so gloriously in the Western sky just above the rim of the sky as the sun is setting.

Often on a clear evening it hung suspended in the purple twilight like some glittering jewel, so close it seemed and so friendly, that the little children would reach out their hands thinking that they might grasp it er it was swallowed by the night and keep it always for their own. But the old ones would say, surely it must be a bead on the garments of the Great Spirit as he walks in the evening through the garden of the Heavens. Little did they know that the poor despised Osseo had descended from that star. And when he too stretched out his hands towards it and murmured words they could not understand they all made sport of him.


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part 4
Part 4