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The Child of the Evening Star see and hear

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There came a time when a great feast was prepared in a neighbouring village and all of Oweenee kinfolk were invited to attend. They all set out on foot, the 9 proud sisters with their husbands walking ahead, pleased with themselves in their finery and all chattering like magpies, but Oweenee walked behind in silence, and with her walked Osseo.the sun had set, in the purple twilight over the edge of the earth sparled the evening star.Osseo pausing, stretched out his hand towards it as if imploring pity, but when the others saw him in this attitude they all made merry, laughing and jokeing and making unkind remarks. Instead of looking up at the sky, said one of the sisters, he better be looking at the ground, else he may stumble and break his neck.then calling back to him, she cried out, look out here comes a big log, do you think you can manage to climb over it?.

Osseo made no answer, but when he came to the log , he paused again. It was the trunk of a huge oak tree blown down by the wind. There it had lain for years just as it fell and the leaves of many summers lay thick upon it, there was one thing though the sisters had not noticed. The tree trunk was not a solid one, but hollow, and so big inside that a man could walk from one end to the other without stooping. But Osseo did not pause because he was unable to climb over it, there was something mysterious and magical in the appearance of the great hollow trunk, and he gazed at it a long time as if he had seen it in a dream and had been looking for it ever since .
What is it Osseo asked Aweini touching him on the airm. Do you see something that I cannot see?. But Osseo only gave a shout that echoed in the forest and leaped inside the log. Then as Oweenee stood there in alarm waiting, the figure of a man came out the other end.


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