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The Child of the Evening Star see and hear part 5

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Could this be Osseo? Yes it was he, but how transformed. No longer bent and ugly, no longer weak and ailing, but a beautiful youth, vigorous and straight and tall.His enchantment was at an end.But the evil spell had not been wholely lifted as after. As Osseo approached he saw that a great change was takeing place in his loved one . Her glossy black hair was turning white, deep wrinkles lined her face and she walked with a feeble step leaning on a staff. Though he had regained his youth and beauty, she had suddenly grown old. Oh my dearest one, he cried, the evening star has mocked me in letting this misfortune come upon you, better far that I had remained as I was, gladly would I have borne the insults and laughter of your people rather than you should be made to suffer.

As long as you love me, answered Oweenee, I am perfectly content, If I had the choice to make and only one of us could be young and fair, it is you that I would wish to be beautiful. Then he took her in his arms and caressed her, vowing that he loved her more than ever for the goodness of her heart, and together they walked hand in hand as lovers do. When the proud sisters saw what had happened they could scarcely believe their eyes. They looked enviously at Osseo, who was now far handsomer than any one of their husbands and much their superior than they in every way. In his eyes was the wonderful light of the evening star and when he spoke, all men turned to listen and admire him. But the hard hearted sisters had no pity for Oweenee, instead, it rather pleased them that she could no longer dim their beauty and to realise that people would no longer be singing her praises in their jealous ears.


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