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The Child of the Evening Star see and hear part x

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But sometimes he was lonely and wondered what the earth was like. The earth his father and mother had come from. He could see it far far below, so far it seemed no bigger than an orange, and sometimes he would stretch out his hand toward it, just as the little children on earth would stretch out their hand to the moon. His father made him a bow with little arrows and this was a great delight to him, but still he was lonely, and wondered what the little boys and the little girls on earth were doing and whether they would be nice to play with. The earth must be a pretty place he thought with so many people living on it. His mother had told him strange stories of that far away land, with its lovely lakes, rivers, great green forests where the deer and squirrel lived and the yellow prairie swarming with buffalo.

These birds too, in the great silver cage, had come from the earth too he was told, and there were thousands and thousands just like them, as well as others even more beautiful he had never seen at all. Swans with long curved necks that floated gracefully upon the waters, whipperwils that called at night from the woods, the robin red breast, the dove and the swallow, what wonderful birds they must be. Sometimes he would sit near the cage, trying to understand the language of the feathered creatures inside. One day a strange idea came into his head. He would open the door of the cage and let them out, then they would fly back to earth and perhaps they would take him with them. When his mother and father missed him, they would be sure to follow him to the earth and then. He could not quite see just how it would all end .


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