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From The suns babies by Edith Howes.
Age Rating 2 to 4.

Start of Story

Winnie and I went sailing fast
Out to the golden West.
We wished to see the Sun drop down
Into his shining nest.

Our ship was soft and pearly white--
A dear little cloud up high.
We sailed along at sunset time,
Across the flaming sky.

Winnie stood up and laughed with joy;
Her curls blew round her head.
The golden clouds raced past our ship,
To see the Sun to bed.

The nest was made of red, red cloud,
Hung like a rosy swing:
An angel stood on either side--
We heard them softly sing.

The tired Sun came dropping down,
And cuddled in his nest.
The angels spread their snow-white wings
To guard him through his rest.

The soft wee clouds went home with us,
The sky grew grey and blue;
The stars peeped out and laughed and winked,
And said: "Good-night, you two!"


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