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A Story for children age 4 to 6.

The Watcher

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>Many thanks to Dara Shaw for permission to use this story.

Walter stuffed the last pancake into his mouth. The five year old had already devoured three rashers, two sausages, half a piece of toast and a humongous bowl of Cheerios. "I'm done" he said spraying pancake residue all over the table. His parents looked at one another. "Walter" his mother said, "We have something to tell you." "What" said Walter absentmindedly. "Your mother's going to have a baby" his father replied. "You're going to be a big brother" added his mother. "Have you got any questions?" Walter looked at both of them for a moment and then asked "Is there any more pancakes?" His mother laughed but his father looked a little sterner "Walter did you not hear what we said?" "Yes" said Walter. "Well then" said his father, "Have you got any real questions?" "Will it be here when I get home from school?" asked Walter. "No we'll have to wait nine months before the baby comes" replied his mother.

"One, Two, Three, Four..." began Walter. "No Walter" his father interrupted "Nine months not seconds." "Oh" said Walter "and where are we gonna get it, Smyths?" "No Walter" said his mother "It's going to grow inside my tummy" "Oh" said Walter. "Anything else?" asked his father. "Just one more thing" said Walter who was starting to look nervous "Why did mummy eat the baby?" As the baby in his mummy's tummy grew, Walter's interest in the baby grew too. One day after school Walter's mum brought him to the park but instead of running off to play as he usually did, Walter followed his mother to the bench beside the swings. "Are you not going to play" asked his mum "Walter didn't answer he just looked at his mother and asked "Mummy is the baby gonna be a boy or the other type."


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