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The Watcher

Start of Story

Walters mum looked at him and smiled "I don't know Walter it will be a surprise." Walter thought for a moment how could they not know. "But mummy" Walter asked "Can't you just give it a doll and if it pulls of its head it's a boy and if it plays with it it's the other type" Walter gave a little shudder at the thought of this other type. "But you see Walter we just don't know." "Mummy, tell me more about the baby" asked Walter. "Well" his mother paused for a moment to think"It's surrounded by special water that keeps it safe." "But how does it breathe" asked Walter. "It just does" said his mother. That night Walter dreamt of a strange mermaid baby who was half boy, half other thing. The following weekend Walter and his mother were alone in the house as his father had to go away with work. Walter's father had left him in charge and told him to take care of his mother and the baby.

On Saturday morning Walter woke up and went downstairs, he went into the kitchen and was shocked to see that there was no breakfast on the table. Walter plodded upstairs determined to find a reason for the empty table. He saw that his mother was still in bed. He walked in and said "mummy I'm hungry where's my breakfast?" "Sorry honey" replied his mother "but I have really bad heartburn and have to stay in bed" "why is your heart burning mummy?" "Oh it's just the baby." Walter wasn't sure about this baby anymore, first it interferes with his breakfast and now it's burning his mummy. "Well why are you having a dragon baby then?" "It's not a dragon" started his mother "oh just get in and give me a cuddle." Walter clambered up into the bed and after a lot of wriggling finally got comfortable. Walter was almost asleep when he felt a thump on his back. "What was that?" he asked. "It was just the baby kicking" groaned his mother.


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