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The Watcher

Start of Story

Walter hopped out of the bed and returned a minute later. He carefully placed a toy car on top of his mother's tummy and waited. After what felt like hours to Walter but was really only five minutes it happened. Walter felt the kick and the car slowly slid off his mother's tummy. When Walter's Mother woke up an hour later she was astonished by what she saw. The entire room was covered with metre after metre of hot wheels tracks, which all led back to her stomach. She felt the baby kick and as it did so a car slid of her stomach and whizzed around the room before coming to a stop at the door. Walter popped up from the end of the bed "7.5 seconds, a new record!" As his mummy's tummy grew bigger and bigger, Walter's patience grew smaller and smaller. "When will it be here?" asked Walter. "Not long now dear" replied his mother unenthusiastically. Walter stared and stared "Wow, the baby's really kicking" exclaimed his mother.

Walter thought for a moment, if staring for a few minutes made the baby kick, maybe if he continued to stare it would come. This is how Walter gained the name "The Watcher." His mother could be sure that wherever she and her bump were Walter could not be far behind. This process continued for a couple of weeks until one evening while they were having dinner Walter's mother gave a loud groan. Walter who was already staring at her, or rather her bump, asked "What is it mummy?" "It's the baby" she said through deep breaths "It's Coming." "I did it!" yelled Walter in delight. They all bundled into the car. Walter was dropped off at Aunt Agnes' house on the way to the hospital. His mother gave him a big hug and kiss goodbye and reminded him that the next time she saw him he would be a big brother. Walter couldn't sleep at all that night partly because of Aunt Agnes' continuous snoring but mostly from excitement. After breakfast the following morning Aunt Agnes drove Walter to the hospital. His father met them in the car park and led Walter upstairs. They came to a stop outside room 39. "I'll just go in and see if your mothers ready" his father went inside. After a moment the door slowly opened "Walter you can come in now" called his mother.

The End


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