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Three little kittens.

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These kittens so gay
Were invited one day
To feast by a running stream,
Where they had as much meat
As they wanted to eat,
And plenty of nice ice-cream;
And each went to sleep
Curled up in a heap
And had a most lovely dream.
Purr, purr, purr, purr.
Purr, purr, purr, purr.

One night in the Fall
They went to a ball,
And danced to a lively tune,
With a leap and a bound
And a merry-go-round,
And the sound of a big bassoon;
And with holes in their mittens
These careless kittens
Came home by the light of the moon.
Miew, miew, miew, miew,
Miew, miew, miew, miew.

These kittens 'twas said
Were soon to be wed;
The cards had been out some days;
And cat-birds, no doubt,
Spread the news about
As they flew o'er the great high-ways;
And cats, one and all,
The great and the small,
Were loud in the kittens' praise.
Miew, miew, miew, miew,
Miew, miew, miew, miew.


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