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This story is suitable for children age 6 to 8 approx.

Why the cat always falls upon her feet.

From The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook.

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Some magicians are cruel, but others are gentle and good to all the creatures of the earth. One of these good magicians was one day travelling in a great forest.the sun rose high in the heavens, and he lay down at the foot of a tree.soft green moss grew all about him, the sun shining through the leaves made cracks of light and shadow fall upon the earth.he heard the song of the bird and the lazy buzz of the wasp. The wind rustled the leafy boughs above him. All the music of the forest lulled him to slumber and he closed his eyes. As the magician lay asleep, a great serpent came softly from the thicket, it lifted high its shiny crest and saw the man at the foot of the tree. "I will kill him," he hissed. I could have eaten that cat last night if he had not come along. Watch little cat, watch, I will kill him.

Closer and closer the deadly serpent moved.the magician stirred in his sleep. "watch little cat, watch " he softly said. The serpent drew back, but the magicians eyes were shut, and it went hissed its war cry, the magician still did not move.the serpent was upon him. No, far up in the high branches of the tree above his head, the little cat lay hidden.she had seen the serpent when he came from the thicket, she watched as it went closer and closer to the sleeping man. She heard it hiss its war cry.the little cats body quivered with anger and with fear, for she was so little and the serpent was so big. The magician was very good to me, she thought, and she leaped down upon the serpent. Oh how angry the serpent was, it hissed and a flame shot from its eyes. It struck wildly at the brave little cat, but now the cat had no fear.again and again she leaped upon the serpents head, and at last the creature lay dead beside the sleeping man who it had wished to kill.when the magician awoke, the little cat lay upon the earth, and not far away lay the dead serpent.he knew at once what the cat had done and he said, "little cat,what can I do to show you honour for your brave fight?". Your eyes are quick to see and your ears are quick to hear,you can run very swiftly. I know what I can do for you. You shall be known over the earth as the friend of man . you shall always have a home in the home of man.and one thing more little cat,you leaped from the high tree to kill the serpent,and now as long as you live, you shall leap where you will and you shall always fall upon your feet.

The End.


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